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About Us


We are "the Suddas". We are a foreign family who have lived in numerous places over the years, mainly in Asia.


We like our food and drinks, we enjoy going out for a meal but we have different opinions on what tastes good, what style of food and how spicy we like it.  Not all of us have adjusted to spicy food!


Home has been Sri Lanka for about four years. We enjoy trying new places, new foods and telling people what we think!

We hope that you enjoy these reviews but please remember, these are just our opinions. We are not culinary experts, we don't claim to be right. We do these reviews anonymously, we do not tell the restaurants that we are reviewing, and we do not accept free food or drink for the reviews.  Also the photos are all our own, taken with our camera phones; no filters are used and the photos are not doctored.

We hope you find these useful and maybe you'll hear of some place that you didn't know before, and go and try it. We'd urge you to do that. The hospitality business in Sri Lanka has taken a huge hit due to Covid, so please support your local restaurants.

 If you don't agree with something we write, just remember, it's only our opinions.

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