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Burger Hangover (Delivery)

Over the holiday season we've had to arrange a few quick, late lunches for ourselves and we've tried deliveries from a few burger places. Some have been as expected; others have been surprisingly good, others disappointing. Burger Hangover was a pleasant surprise!

Address: 29/7 Stratford Avenue, Colombo 00600 (Delivery)

Phone: 077 727 7895

Menu and ordering

The menu was not the easiest to find. There was no direct link to a menu on their facebook page, nor a "menu" album on Instagram. We ended up looking through their Instagram posts and finding some pictures that both looked good and had a comment saying what the burger was. From these, we decided what to order.

We did later find an Instagram post, buried about ten rows down, which has a full menu. Basically, they offer a range of chicken or beef burgers; the beef comes as single, double or triple patty, with cheeseburger options. The chicken burgers are available as regular, crispy or as a chicken wrap. There are three sides available: fries, wedges or chicken nuggets.

Six of the burgers are available as a meal deal, with fries and a drink included.

Ordering was simple: call or whatsapp to the published phone number, then just wait!

The Food

We ordered a cheeseburger meal and a crispy chicken burger meal, so both came with fries and a drink.

One obvious difference about Burger Hangover that we noticed immediately was the way that the burgers are wrapped: not fully wrapped up but left open on one side. You can see this in most of their photos and this is how the burgers were placed in our delivery bag. It's a small point, but a great idea. What's the first thing that most people do with a burger? They unwrap it, reposition it on the paper and wrap half of it up again, to hold onto while they bite. This keeps fingers clean and catches anything that falls out of the other side when you take a bite.

The cheeseburger was quite large with a fair sized patty inside, along with a couple of pieces of lettuce, some pickle and a slice of fresh tomato, with a smear of mayonnaise on top. The beef patty was juicy, tasted good and fresh and was clearly home made. With each bite, as well as the beef, we could also clearly taste the lettuce and tomato as well, meaning the whole burger was flavoursome. It was good.

The crispy chicken, too, was good. Also a good size, the chicken patty had a nice, tasty coating that gave a satisfying crunch. The chicken too tasted fresh and, here too, we could taste the other fillings, the tomato and the salad; the mayonnaise enhanced the flavour rather than drowning out anything else. After the first couple of bites, the burger threatened to fall apart but it held together, almost to the last bite. This was a good chicken burger.

The fries were quite thick cut and chunky. Unfortunately they had gone rather cold by the time that they arrived, but they had not gone soggy which was promising. They were no longer crispy but still tasted good.


The prices start at Rs450 for a basic beefburger, or Rs490 with cheese. A double is priced at Rs590, a BLT cheeseburger at Rs690 and the triple 3x3 Rs890. Chicken burger, regular or crispy, costs Rs550 and a chicken wrap Rs490.

The meals, with fries and drink, start at Rs790 for a cheeseburger meal, Rs890 for a crispy chicken meal, or Rs990 for a double beefburger meal.

Overall our cheeseburger meal and crispy chicken burger meal cost us Rs1680 plus delivery.


Overall, we were well impressed. The burgers were good sized, fresh and home made, with enough sauce to bring out the flavour without hiding the tastes of the garnishes. There are among the best burgers that we have had here especially from a home delivery.

If you feel inspired to try these burgers then we hope that you will enjoy them too. If you can find the menu!

And let us know what you thought.

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