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Four Leafed Clover (delivery)

The Four Leafed Clover sounds like it should be an Irish pub, though they have relaunched as both Irish and Italian. Last week we decided try their food delivery.

Address: 168 Maya Ave, Colombo 00500

Phone: 011 453 4591 or 071 335 8777

The Four Leafed Clover claims to be "authentically Irish and deliciously Italian", offering an "array of traditional Italian and Irish dishes" and an Irish casual and friendly atmosphere. It sounds an interesting mix.

Unfortunately we can't enjoy the pub's Irish atmosphere at the moment but how about the food?


We found the delivery menu on their facebook page. There is quite a bit less than on their dine-in menu, of course, with three main courses (one fish, one chicken and one pork dish) and a selection of burgers and wraps, pizzas, pastas and some desserts. There was nothing even pretending to be "Irish", but there was a good enough choice of Italian or American for most of us to be happy .

One of us wanted a salad but that is not on the delivery menu. We asked and immediately were told yes, they could provide an "off menu" Caesar Salad, which was very helpful and accommodating of them.

The Food

Clockwise from top left: Grilled Chicken Burger; Caesar Salad; Pizza ai frutti del Mar; Fries


The food arrived quite quickly and was still quite warm.

The chicken burger was a fair size, larger than average but not huge, and filled with a piece of chicken, garnished with salads and sauces. It held together quite well when bitten, which is always a plus ; don't you hate it when you bite one side of a burger and the contents pour out of the other side? The burger itself tasted quite good; the chicken was tender and juicy, with a light coating that added some extra flavour. The fries that came with the burger survived the delivery road trip reasonably well, they had lost their crispiness but not gone soggy yet, so they did well.

The pizza was good. It was thin, but had not become very crunchy; it was generously filled with a mix of seafood, blended with melted cheese over a rich tomato base. The seafood itself was perhaps slightly bland; there was no single seafood flavour that stood out; no rich prawn or crab or other seafood flavour. The main, dominant taste was of tomato. However, it did all combine together into a good taste and it was also surprisingly light, unlike many other pizzas. So overall, very good and recommended.

The Caesar salad looked a bit hastily thrown together, but that of course doesn't make any difference once you mix it up with the dressing. What matters more is that the leaves were fresh, there was plenty of nice, succulent chicken and crunchy croutons. The actual dressing didn't have a classic Caesar taste, we are not sure if it is their own or bought ready made. Maybe it was an attempt at Irish dressing....? The salad itself was good, though.


The food was delivered on schedule and without difficulty and the driver was cheerful and polite and wearing a facemask.

The food was packed in a mix of containers; the pizza was in a box with another restaurant's name on it - apparently owned by the same company. The burger too was in a cardboard box, the salad was in a plastic box and the fries in a foil container. Nothing had leaked, it was all intact and still somewhat warm.


The prices of pizzas range from Rs1140 for a basic margherita to Rs1590 for the seafood pizza that we chose. Pastas cost Rs1140 for a veggie or chicken pasta, or Rs1370 for seafood.

Wraps and sandwiches go from Rs910 for the chicken burger to Rs1710 for a beef baguette and the regular main courses from Rs1370 for fish & chips to Rs2060 for pork chops. Asian dishes start at Rs1140 for chicken kottu, up to Rs1710 for a Vietnamese lemon grass chicken.


Our delivery meal from the Four Leafed Clover was quite good overall. The burger was a good size and taste; the seafood pizza too was very good. The salad itself was good, apart from the dressing, but they were good enough to provide it for us despite not being on the normal delivery menu.

It would be nice to have some actual Irish cuisine available - the quintessential Irish Stew, for example. However, we look forward to being able to try the dine-in menu before too long.

Have you been to the Four Leafed Clover? What do you recommended to eat, when we can go there? Let us know!

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