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Mitsi's Delicious Delicacies (delivery)

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

It's a long time, several years, since we last ate at Mitsi's but having seen some of the meals (and the cakes!) posted on social media we decided it was high time to order something!

Address: 34A Bagatalle Road, Colombo 00300

Phone: 077 716 3090


A few years ago, probably in 2017, we had lunch once at Mitsi's and enjoyed it. We told ourselves that we would be back soon, but for some reason we never did. It wasn't because we didn't enjoy the meal - we did; maybe we just never happened to be in the right place with the right hunger.

So when we were looking for deliveries of something other than burgers and pizzas, and we found the site we said yes why not try it again. And we were glad that we did.

Menu and Ordering

We found the menu online on their Instagram account. The first two pages are devoted to cakes, then the following two to meals, but the pages are small and we struggled to read them. Luckily we then checked the website and found the menu there much easier to read.

Mitsi's offers both light dishes like salads, soups, burgers and sandwiches, as well as full meals. The dishes are mostly European, especially from Eastern Europe, though there is an Italian selection as well. The starters include Hummus, prawn cocktail and bruschetta. The main course options include a selection of schnitzels and chicken steaks; beef steaks; a selection of seafood including paella and risotto and several grills and kebabs.

As well as the main meals there's also a wide selection of soft drinks including smoothies, mocktails and shakes; and the aforementioned cakes. Mitsi's has a selection of around two dozen cakes including cheese cakes, napoleon, black forest and many more. It was actually a picture of a lemon meringue pie that first caught our eye but, seeing the menu, we decided to try something else.

Ordering was easily done through whatsapp to the number given on the sites.

We decided to try a sandwich and a couple of chicken dishes and some desserts. If you've read a few of our reviews you'll know that we don't usually do desserts, or we'll share one between us but seeing these cakes we could not resist and ordered three slices of cake too.

The Food

We ordered a smoked salmon sandwich, chicken medallions with mushrooms and a chicken hunter steak, and three slices of cake for dessert.

Smoked Salmon sandwich; Chicken Hunter steak; Chicken Medallions & Mushrooms

The smoked salmon sandwich was very good; toasted bread stuffed with smoked salmon, chopped salad garnish and a delicious sauce. The salmon had a good, strong flavour and the toast was still crunchy so a great taste and texture. It came with portions of fries and salad on the side.

The chicken medallions got a slightly more varied response. We all agreed that it tasted good, though one of us thought that the chicken medallion felt a bit strange, the texture was unusual. However the taste was good, cooked with mushrooms and a delicious gravy, served too with fries and salad side.

No issues with the chicken hunter steak, though. This was a succulent chicken breast, nicely cooked in a flavoursome sauce with mushrooms, tomatoes and onion, which all came together well. There was a side salad with potato wedges, which were perfectly done, crispy on the outside and soft inside.


We had selected slices of three classic (and favourite) cakes to share for dessert.

Death by Chocolate; Chocolate Cheesecake; Apple Crumble Pie

Apple crumble is a personal favourite and hard to find here; Mitsi's apple crumble cake was a pretty good substitute. The crumble topping was not especially crumbly, but worked well as a cake topping. The filling had a nice apple flavour; we felt that it might have benefitted from some additional spicing, such as cinnamon or cloves, but overall it was good. We were divided over the nuts; one of us preferred not to have nuts in apple crumble, the others had no objection, though aside from the nuts we all agreed that it very tasty.

The Death By Chocolate was nice too. This was a fairly rich chocolate cake, with several layers of chocolate cream and topped with a chocolate icing. Very chocolatey! As chocolate cakes go, it was good. To qualify as a hardcore "Death by Chocolate" we would have added chocolate sauce and ice cream! However, again, it was a good chocolate cake.

The winner, though, was the chocolate cheesecake. A generous slice of a simply delicious cheesecake. The chocolate base was still a little crunchy but the chocolate filling was thick, creamy, with a rich burst of chocolate flavour. A unanimous 10 out 10, the best cheesecake that we have had for a long time. Highly recommended. We'd go back for that alone!


With such a wide range of dishes, there prices vary quite a lot so it is hard to summarise.

Mitsi's breakfast dishes range from Rs700-800 and for a full breakfast platter.

Soups and salads range from Rs600 to Rs950.

Starters, and side dishes, range from Rs400 for garlic bread or Rs500 for a baked potato, to Rs1250 for a steak salad.

Most of the chicken, beef or seafood main courses fall with Rs1400 to Rs1650 price range. Pastas are lower, from Rs950 while the steaks cost Rs1850 and the chef's specials vary wider.

Most of the cakes re priced around Rs3000 for 1kg, though some of the special ones are higher. Most cakes are available by the slice for Rs600.

For the smoked salmon sandwich, two chicken dishes and three slices of cake, we paid a total of Rs6,500 including delivery.


The food arrived in good time and was delivered in typical foil containers. The cake slices were neatly packed in one box. Despite the journey, the cake slices were in great condition and the food was still reasonably warm.


The main question we are asking ourselves is why we haven't been back to Mitsi's in the past three years. The food is good and tastes like wholesome, eastern European home cooking while the cakes are excellent. The prices are reasonable, not cheap but similar to other mid level restaurants. Oh and did we mention that the cheesecake was amazing....?

Have you tried Mitsi's cakes? Which other ones would you recommend?

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