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Quick Thai lives up to its name

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Quick Thai has two branches, one in Colombo and one in Pelawatta. We have been a couple of times to the Pelawatta branch and each time the food has indeed been quite quick but, more importantly, it has been very tasty.

Address: Battaramulla - Pannipitiya Rd, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

Phone: 011 207 3218, 011 207 3353

Directions: On the main road through Pelawatta, past the first traffic lights next to HSBC, opposite Domino's.

Covid Care: Hand sanitiser on the welcome counter; all staff wearing masks at all times.

First Impressions

The main room downstairs is simply decorated with terracotta colour walls and holds around 7 or 8 tables for 2 or 4 people with bench seating, similar to what one might find in a British Pub garden. At the far end is a large, glass window into the kitchen, so diners can get sight of the cooks preparing the food though, unfortunately, they have their backs to the window and there are also large shelves with plates between them and us, so we don't actually get to see much. But it was a nice idea.

We were welcomed in and invited to choose a table; only one other was occupied so had a free choice.


The Menu is rather extensive. The dishes are mostly Thai of course but there are some other international options snuck in.

The appetisers include spring rolls, satay, fried mushrooms or cuttlefish. There's a few salads to choose from - spicy or sweet - and and several soups including a choice of half a dozen types of Tom Yum.

Main courses include a wide choice of fried rice - with crab, beef, curry and many more - and of course noodles including, naturally, Pad Thai. There of course red or green Thai Curryu, as well as Massaman curry, and a good range of stir fried dishes, Thai Omelettes and a whole fish, steamed or crispy.

The choice of desserts is limited to ice creams, sweet sticky rice or lychees.

For drinks, the choice is usual soft drinks, fresh juices or teas.

Quick Thai also has a range of set lunches.

We requested satay to start, with a Thai omelette, followed by a green chicken curry and a black pepper pork.

Chicken Satay Fried Mushrooms Thai Omelette


The starters came very quickly, in less than ten minutes, yet all tasted freshly cooked.

The satay is an old favourite and Quick Thai do it well. There were five skewers, with quite a generous portion of chicken which was tender. The outside was perhaps slightly dry but that was not a problem, especially once the sauce was added. The sauce itself was very tasty, with a good peanut flavour but hints of other spices as well, and with a slight tang but not overpoweringly spicy.

The fried mushrooms were quite good, crispy though the larger pieces were still soft and juicy inside, and they were not oily. The taste was perhaps a little bland but the portion was also a good size and we were nibbling on the for some time.

The omelette too was nicely done. It was cooked well so that there was no remaining, under-cooked runniness but it was not dry either. There were soft flavours of spring onions and light herbs, but the main flavour was of eggs; it was an omelette through and through!

Black Pepper Pork Chicken Green Curry Boiled Rice

Main Courses

The main courses came probably five minutes after the starters so Quick Thai lived up to its name, but while it was quick, they didn't forego on taste.

The Pork in Black Pepper was on a plate loaded with a generous portion of juicy pieces of pork, slightly crispy yet still juicy and tender inside, mixed with some tomato, capsicum and other vegetables, sprinkled with some spring onion and some clusters of peppercorn. The black pepper flavour was unmistakable but not overpowering, nor was it especially spicy so even sudda teens could enjoy it.

The green chicken curry was also very good but the sudda teens took only a small amoutn as it was a bit more spicy but only slightly so. Again a generous bowlful, with lots of juicy pieces of chicken, peas, onions and spices, all in a delicious, rich and creamy green curry sauce with a good hint of coconut.

The rice was served in a perfect bowl-shaped mound, but that didn't last long. The rice was fluffy and light, and just right for soaking up the curry sauce.

All in all the food, despite being "quick" was still good and tasty. Although we have visited Thailand, we are not well enough acquainted with Thai food to assess how "truly authentic" it really is, but it tasted good which is what really mattered.

Service and Ambience

The Quick Thai is a casual restaurant, with pub bench style seating and almost bare walls, but manages to not be too noisy. There is also a more plush dining room upstairs but that appears to be closed.

Despite its casual air, the service is significantly better than one might expect. The uniformed staff welcomed us when we arrived, brought menus immediately, asked if we wanted the dishes more spicy or less, were attentive without being intrusive and generally tried to ensure we enjoyed the meal without disturbing us more than needed.


The prices seem to reflect the service more than the simple seating, they are not cheap but nor are they excessively high. For our three starters, two main courses, rice, four soft drinks and water we paid Rs6555.

Typical starters are mostly Rs500 to Rs800 except for the cuttlefish which is over Rs1500; Tom Yum soups range from Rs1200 with chicken to Rs2300 with prawns though the regular soups like mushroom are Rs800-900.

Main courses start from Rs650 and go up to Rs1680 for seafood. The curries start from Rs1100 for vegetable, Rs1500 for chicken and up to Rs2000 for beef, while a stir fry will cost Rs950 for chicken or Rs1200 for pork. (prices current at the time of writing and rounded to the nearest 100).


Quick Thai offers good, tasty food, quickly. What the place lacks in style it makes up in pleasant and attentive service. The meal will likely cost you Rs3000 or more per person but you will most likely enjoy it and you won't be left feeling hungry.

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