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Rocco's Italian Food (delivery)

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Rocco's in Nawala does a decent range of Italian food including Pizza. It has a nice restaurant too but today we're going to talk about their delivery.

Address: 615A Nawala Road, Rajagiriya

Phone: 072 201 2121


Tonight we wanted to stay in and order a delivery but we couldn't agree what to get. One of us wanted pizza, but the rest of us wanted something with fewer carbs. What to do?

We have been to Rocco's restaurant in Nawala before, and had delivery from them, so we agreed to order from here so that we could satisfy the cravings for both pizza and non-pizza!


The menu is available online at their website. They have a huge range of about 40 different pizzas, so you can choose from meats, seafood and veggies, all available as a small 9 inch size for one, or 14 inch to share (or for a typical teen to have by themselves!) They also offer a choice of calzones. Aside from the pizzas there is an extensive range of pasta, risotto or gnocchi dishes, plus a selection of soups, salads or bruschetta starters and side dishes such as onion rings, chicken wings and garlic bread. They also have a nice selection of deserts including tiramisu, a choice of cheesecakes and ice creams, and lemon meringue pie.

We decided on a soup, a salad, a pizza and a regular main dish and phoned in our order. We abstained from desserts this time!

The Food

Clockwise from top left: Tomato Soup; Caesar Salad; Pollo Alla Cacciatora; Pizza Tropicale.

The tomato soup was very good; slightly creamy but not too heavy, with a rich flavour of roast tomato and a hint of basil. It came with two small, white dinner rolls, just right for dunking in the soup if you feel so inclined.

We chose the Caesar salad with bacon and there was a generous amount of bacon mixed in with nice, fresh, crispy lettuce leaves and crunchy garlic croutons. Grated parmesan cheese was liberally sprinkled over the top and it looked, and tasted, excellent. The Caesar dressing was packaged separately in a shallow plastic pot which held just enough, though does need to be scraped out with a spoon.

For the pizza we chose the tropicale with ham and pineapple. Yes, we believe that pineapple can go on pizza! Teen ordered the large, 14", but he did share so we all got to try a slice. The pizza was loaded with plenty of both ham and small chunks of pineapple strewn across the mozzarella and tomato base. We needed to lift each piece with two hands so it wouldn't droop and spill the contents. However it was delicious; the cheese and tomato flavour mixed well with the ham, with the pineapple adding sweetness and juice. Very good.

Finally the Pollo alla Cacciatora, or "hunter style chicken". This was a generous portion of braised chicken breast with onions and capsicum in a creamy tomato based sauce. Digging down into the dish there was a layer of tagliatelle pasta underneath. The chicken was tender and succulent, the capsicum and onion blending well with the sauce. The pasta underneath stuck together a bit, but a quick whisk with the fork mixed it with the rest of the dish, the way that the hunters intended no doubt.


The delivery driver found our place without difficulty, which in itself was a nice surprise. He also spoke good English and was friendly and polite.

He arrived remarkably quickly, which meant that our food was still nice and hot. The soup was well packaged in a styrofoam bowl with lid, so none had leaked out. The rolls were tightly wrapped in foil. Both the salad and chicken were in regular foil containers and the pizza of course was in the usual square cardboard box.


The 9" pizzas start from Rs950, with most priced around Rs1300-1500, while the larger 14" start from Rs1300 and most seem to be between Rs1700 to Rs2100.

Soups are Rs550-600 and salads Rs600 to Rs850. The pastas vary widely, starting from around Rs900 for a simple Arabiatta and reach all the way to Rs1750 for a smoked salmon tagliatelle, but most seem around Rs1100-1300.

For our soup, salad, chicken and pizza we paid exactly Rs5000 including delivery.


Our delivery meal from Rocco's really was good. Packaged well, and all very wholesome and tasty. The soup was excellent, the salad good, the pizza loaded with ham and pineapple and the chicken too was full of flavour. Well recommended.

Do you agree that pineapple belongs on pizza. Let us know!

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