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Satay Souls (Delivery)

We all enjoy a good satay from time to time. What's not to like? Grilled chicken with a tangy peanut sauce is great. There's a few places that do a stick of satay with a nasi goreng but it's nice also to just have satay on its own. So when we saw some social media posts offering just authentic satay we had to give it a try.

Address: Delivery Only

Phone: 077 151 3590

Instagram: @sataysouls

Facebook: @sataysouls

Menu and Ordering

The information on their facebook and instagram pages says that they deliver at weekends only so we had to plan a few days ahead.

Satay Souls' menu is very simple: chicken or beef.

Each dish consists of three skewers, with five pieces of chargrilled chicken or beef on each skewer. That's it. There's no extra options, no fries or garlic bread; just satay, refreshingly plain and simple. Sounds great!

Ordering is simple too, just send a message on whatsapp to their number, agree a day and approximate time for delivery, and that's it. Then just wait for it to arrive.

The Food

We were really looking forward to this, so when it arrived we could hardly wait to open it up and tuck in. We almost forgot to take photos first!

Chicken satay and beef satay

The first thought on opening the lids was that these are large satays and generous portions. Three skewers would be plenty for each person. Each skewer contains five good sized pieces of chicken or beef, although it's not immediately obvious as they are packed quite tight together on the skewer and covered in a marinade.

The second thought was, "Where's the sauce?". We are used to satay coming with a peanut sauce. Heck, mopping up the sauce is part of the fun! But these came with just the meat on the skewers, no sauce, so we guessed that the marinade would cover for that.

So we dished up and sat down and tried them. And then the mixed opinions began!

The satay pieces were coated with a marinade with some fibres on the outside of the meat which we at first thought was coconut but later learned was natural lemongrass. Biting into the meat, the outside felt a little dry beneath the marinate but, inside, the chicken pieces were nice, tender and succulent while the beef was also tender and was of good quality, with no fat or gristle at all.

Instead of any peanut flavour, there was another flavour that came out which we could not identify. We thought at first that it was coconut but it was something else, or a mix of things. Whatever it was, it worked really well. The combination of flavours and the taste of chargrill complimented each other nicely as a kind of fusion satay!

However, where our opinions differed was that these were also spicy. How spicy? Well that of course is a personal preference but we all found these spicy. For one of us this was fine and I had three skewers: two chicken skewers and one beef. By the end my mouth was quite numb which was okay but I did feel that I didn't get to enjoy the rest of the flavours as the spice rather took over. Another one of us managed one skewer but couldn't finish a second while another didn't even manage one as it was "way too spicy".

Overall there were some very nice flavours to enjoy here. It's not satay as we were used to but it is a nice "fusion" flavour. We did miss the peanut sauce but it still tasted very good. The spiciness is up to you!


The chicken satay portion was Rs1,100 and the beef satay Rs1,350.

So we paid a total of Rs3,550 for two chicken and one beef.

We were happy with this, it represented good value for the quality and the amount.


We agreed this was good value and that it was nice to try a different take on the classic satay. We did miss the peanut sauce, though, and would prefer to have that as an option.

We differed over the spiciness; it might be good if they would offer a medium or mild spice option. However even as it is, this was good, tasty and creative and, if you're okay with some spiciness, we would recommend it. Even if you don't like spice, we would still recommend it but would suggest you ask for yours to be less spicy!

(edited 18 December)

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