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Smoke Bricks: Pizzas with a Twist

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

A new place in town! They plan to open for dine-in before long but in the meantime are doing deliveries in and around Colombo.

Address (currently delivery only)

Phone: 077 030 6806

Website: none yet

Smoke Bricks is a newly opened pizza restaurant; so new that they are not open yet! However their kitchen is ready and they are doing delivery in and around Colombo. The teens love pizza, so we decided to give them a try.


Smoke Bricks offers a selection of standard pizzas, and some interesting fusion ones combining flavours from other cuisines.

Standards start with a basic Margherita of course, and there's the usual options, some expected and some not. There's Pepperoni a Misto Pollo (chicken), Manzo (minced beef) and several more.

Fusion gets interesting with Lamborghini (black pepper pork); Polos; Sushi Kai (smoked salmon), fish Tikka and more. There are of course also vegetarian choices.

There's also a good selection of extras to be added onto the pizzas. Again some are expected such as mushrooms, pepperoni; and some unexpected like eggs or herbs. All of these can be added to the pizzas for you so there's plenty of choice to customise your pizza.

They offer some simple side orders to accompany your pizza, such as fries and garlic bread and chilli cheese toast. Great -for anyone not counting carbs!

And for dessert? Well, you can have another pizza! This time a sweet one, there's two to choose from: a fruity one, or chocolatey one. Or if one pizza really was enough, then you can finish with a lava cake or a baked cheese cake.

We have tried a margherita, a pepperoni (or "PapParoni), a Misto Pollo, and garlic bread.

Clockwise from top left: Margherita; Misto Pollo; Garlic Bread; PapPeroni;.

The Food:

At first glance, these pizzas look more rustic, more home made, than the ones you would get from an international brand. They are not perfectly round, or symetrical. These look more natural and fresh. We liked this.

They also looked less bright tomato red than the pizzas from some other places. The menu mentions "SmokeBrick's Special Sauce" as an ingredient but doesn't mention tomato, so it appears that instead of using a typical tomato based sauce, they have created their own.

The pizzas come as thin crust, which is a bit crunchier and drier than a regular pan pizza, so if you like pizzas thick, with soft dough, where the slices droop when you pick them up, then you might not take quickly to these. However if you like your pizza base a bit crunchy, and you like the filling to stay on when you pick up a piece, not drop onto your newly washed jeans, then this is the pizza for you.

As for the taste; not surprisingly there is no strong taste of tomato - it's there but not so strong - so the tastes of the other ingredients come through much more than the tomato and oregano that can dominate some other pizzas.

The margherita was good; mozzarella cheese does not have a particularly strong flavour but here we could taste it, it wasn't knocked out by the tomato. This was true of the others too; with the Misto Pollo we could taste the chicken and feel the texture. The chicken was slightly dry, I don't know if that is due to the oven or the time from cooking until we ate it, but otherwise it was good. Similarly the PapPerroni was good too, with a decent sprinkle of pepperoni slices and again a nice mix of flavours.

Having a thin and crispy crust, these pizzas might seem a little drier than a regular pizza - so if that's not quite your thing then it might be worth adding a topping like mushroom or egg plant or something else to add a bit more juice.

Overall, we enjoyed them. We like the crunchy base, and not spilling the filling when we pick up a large slice. Suddateen verdict: "Pretty Good".

Pricing and Delivery

Pizzas come in Regular or Large sizes.

Prices for the "normal" pizzas start from around Rs1300/1400 and for the large from Rs1900.

For the Fusion pizzas, start from around Rs1300 for regular and Rs1900 for large.

Adding an egg, or a spice, starts from Rs50; veggies Rs180 and meats from Rs240.

Side dishes will cost around Rs500/550 for bread or fries, and Rs650 for chilli cheese toast.

Deserts cost from around Rs650 for the fruity pizza or lava cake.

Delivery was a little slow as the driver had difficulty finding our place but it was still warm when it arrived.

Cost for delivery was Rs200.


There's no shortage of pizza delivery places in town, with two international chains and lots of local restaurants offering this quick and simple staple. So to stand out, a new pizza restaurant will have to do something different.

Smoke Bricks have done this, with an interesting range of "fusion" pizzas, so you can have a fish tikka or smoked salmon or polos or fried egg, which is certainly different. The dessert pizzas (Nutella, whipped cream and strawberries) is also something different and new.

This was a hit with the Suddas and we will order again.

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