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Stoner's Korner (Delivery)

Burgers with the cheese infused inside? The photos looked great and we decided that we wanted to try it. We tried a couple of times to order but each time it didn't work out - the first time was on us, one of us didn't want a burger; another time we tried they were closed (Monday). Finally the stars aligned and we were able to order. After waiting so long, we were really looking forward to it.

Address: Delivery only

Phone: 077 140 8811


Facebook: StonersKorner

Instagram: @stoners.korner

Menu and Ordering

There's lots of delicious looking pictures on Instagram and facebook, to whet your appetite and give you an idea of what is available. The menu is best viewed on their website. There is also a menu easily found on their facebook while on Instagram there are instructions for ordering but we could not find a menu.

The menu is nice and simple; they focus on one thing, burgers, and do them differently: each patty is infused with cheese. It's a great idea, and with this they offer the burgers marinated with sweet onion, infused with spicy herbs, with a slice of cheese, with double patty or with one each chicken and beef. They also offer fish burger and prawn burger.

For addons you can choose extra onions, hot sauce, extra cheese or pickles. For sides, there are thick cut fries.

A nice and simple menu and each burger is custom made to order. We ordered a couple of Juicy Janes - one chicken, one beef - and a Sweet Onion chicken burger.

The Food

When the burgers arrived, our first thought was: these were smaller than we had expected. Maybe because all the photos that we had seen were taken close-up and detailed, we had expected large, king size burgers; these were a little underwhelming, we could fit three on a dinner plate and still leave room for the fries. To avoid misunderstanding these were not especially small; they were just not as large as we had, for whatever reason, expected. And these are 6oz patties so the meat is there, even if they don't look so large.

Anyway we were hungry, the patties looked nice, thick and juicy, so we settled down to eat.

Noticeably the burgers lacked any garnish; no tomato or pickle or lettuce, just the fried onions and a light sauce. This of course was clear to see in all of the photos but we had not noticed before. However, this of course meant that we got to taste the actual meat and the bun, without the distraction of any other flavours. The patties were indeed nice and tasty, the meat tasted well-done on the outside while the melted cheese inside gave it an extra juiciness. It worked well.

It was also a little spicy; we thought the meat was infused with spices as well as cheese, though the spiciness may have come from the sauce. This of course divided us between those who like a bit of spiciness and those who don't. One of us said, "Oh, that's got a nice tang to it" and another said "Oh no, it's spicy." It wasn't fiery, it was just a tang and tingle. And it didn't stop anyone from finishing their burgers!

The fries, too, seemed to be a rather small portion. The fries themselves were nice and chunky, but were sadly cold by the time that they arrived, and after warming them up again they were still limp, with no crispiness or crunch. We imagined that they would be good when fresh and hot, but unfortunately we were not able to enjoy them fresh.


The burgers start from Rs580 for a basic beef burger or Rs595 for a chicken burger. The Juicy Janes are Rs610 for chicken (yes just 15 rupees more) and Rs750 for beef. The fried onion beef burger is Rs780 and, when you get to the full one-pound burgers, these are priced at Rs1,580. The fish burger is Rs1,100 and the prawn Rs1,280. The fries are Rs170.

For a home made, cheese infused patty, we thought these prices were good value.


Overall we liked the idea of the cheese infused patties and thought that it worked well. The meat was well cooked, nice and juicy and tasted good. The spiciness is very much a personal opinion, you either like it or you don't. If you like a little spice then you'll likely enjoy these and find them good value.

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